Inspection and Monitoring

 Ashland Environmental Ltd. with its past experiences has a great understanding of what is required to take a plan and making it a reality.  With a strong focus on ensuring a Safe, Quality and Cost Effective Product On-time Every Time we can help to coordinate your planned project and inspect the progress to ensure success.  Some of the field level coordination and inspection services Ashland Environmental Ltd. can deliver are;  

  • Environmental Inspection
  • API 1169 Pipeline Construction Inspection
  • Survey Coordination
  • Erosion and Sedimentation Inspection
  • Disposition Construction (Harvesting, Clearing, and Mulching)
  • Civil Earthworks
  • Timber Salvage
  • Site Remediation / Reclamation

Monitoring and Reporting

 Ashland Environmental Ltd. understands the need to monitor and report vital information to the client or governing body.  With numerous years of experience working with regulatory agencies and understanding what needs to be monitored and reported Ashland Environmental Ltd. can help to ensure good standing towards regulatory compliance for your company.  Some of the monitoring and reporting processes Ashland Environmental Ltd. can help with are; 


  • Pre and Post-Reclamation Assessments
  • Reclamation Certificate Application Development 
  • Temporary Diversion License (TDL) monitoring and reporting
  • SML/SMC Royalties reporting
  • Timber Salvage monitoring and reporting


 Without the approval of the Government and the acceptance of any project from the surrounding communities’ success cannot be achieved.  With years of experience working with First Nations, Metis, Municipalities, the Crown, and general public Ashland Environmental Ltd. understands that success needs to have a clear path of communication to ensure no information is misinterpreted and that listening is a vital part of communication.  Ashland Environmental Ltd. always looks for the win/win scenario and uses that model to achieve the goals of the client and surrounding communities. Some of the services Ashland Environment Ltd. can provide are;

  • Community consultation 
  • Trapper consultation
  • First Nation Consultation
  • Other Industrial Consultation