Planning and Management

Project Planning


Ashland Environmental Ltd. can help with your project planning and application process to achieve the required approvals from government agencies.  With the ever changing processes in getting these approvals, Ashland Environmental Ltd. strives to “Stay on Top” of these changes to minimize turnaround time for obtaining your needed approvals.  Some of the application processes Ashland Environmental Ltd. can help your organization with are;

  • Timber salvage planning
  • Reclamation planning
  • Temporary Diversion License (TDL) process
  • Disposition application process - Enhanced Approval Process  (EAP) and Temporary Field Authorization  (TFA) process
  • Provincial transportation traffic accommodation approvals
  • Ground disturbance planning

Through the planning process, field level assessments will be required to obtain your approvals.  With numerous years of experience and an understating of the required information needed by the governing agency, a streamlined assessment with the needed information can be produced that is operationally usable by all parties.

Project and Construction Management


Ashland Environmental Ltd. understands that with all projects an execution plan with cost estimates are an interracial part on gauging its success.  Ashland Environmental Ltd. can help with developing these plans and help manage through the projects life cycle.  With a vast knowledge regarding possible issues from climate and geographical influence Ashland Environmental Ltd. can help with developing the cost to do business.  Also, Ashland Environmental Ltd. can help manage theses cost in the field by understanding what needs to be done to mitigate geographical and seasonal influences to produce results, some of the services are;

  • Project execution  planning
  • Budget development
  • Resource planning and scheduling

Forest Management Planning


With numerous years working within the Forest industry Ashland Environmental Ltd. can help with all your forestry planning and field service’s needs.  Some of the planning services Ashland Environmental Ltd. can deliver are;

  • General Development Planning
  • Annual Operating Planning
  • Final Harvest Planning
  • Infrastructure planning
  • Log haul planning/management
  • Civil planning/management
  • Harvest coordination and supervision
  • Silviculture planning and planning